HELLO! Canada For A Rare Glimpse Into Hillary’s Private Life

2016 has been a year full of sad celebrity news: from the surprise demise of Brangelina to Kim Kardashian’s terrifying robbery in Paris, it’s hard to think of a year as shocking and eventful as this one.

But perhaps the most memorable part of this year is how pop culture and politics have converged in a way seen never before, with the rise of former reality star and real estate tycoon Donald Trump in the American election. Unfortunately, Donald’s outlandish comments have at times overshadowed Hillary Clinton’s sound, well-researched policies and countless achievements over her long political career.

HELLO! Canada magazine’s coverage typically focuses on Hollywood celebrities, the Royals, fashion and beauty, but their latest issue offers a rare, personal look into the life of Hillary herself. In this issue, Hillary reflects on her storied life thus far, and sounds off on what it’s like to see her daughter Chelsea as a mom to two young kids. Despite her extensive political career, Hillary’s life is about far more than politics: she talks about her roles as wife, mother, and grandmother, and how each role continues to inform her candidacy and prepare her for office. This type of story is undoubtedly important, as Hillary has faced criticism for appearing robotic, or lacking charisma. HELLO! Canada provides a look at Hillary that other media might not necessarily be willing or able to, and finds a new, different way to connect her to the American people. In addition, HELLO! Canada readers may not be dutiful readers of other, more political publications that cover Hillary on a more regular basis — making this an important way for her campaign to reach even more voters before November 8th.

HELLO! Canada’s website features no shortage of daily updates, too. The website is organized into helpful categories that will narrow down what you might be looking for, whether it be located in celebrities, royalty, fashion, health and beauty, lifestyle, film and tv, music, or red carpet.

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