When Cartoon Characters Become Fashion Icons

Inspiration can come from anywhere, even the most infantile of sources, like the cartoons we used to love as children. The over the top styles and vibrant colours that make up our most beloved of cartoon characters (or love-to-hate villains) are surprisingly perfect fashion role models, and have actually been true muses to fashion designers in recent years.

Disney villains, almost always female and quite literally dressed to kill, are an obvious choice as an animated sourced of fashion inspiration, and some Disney femme fatales actually made it onto the catwalk last year. Designer Lucio Palmieri, in celebration of Disney’s 90th anniversary, recreated certain classic Disney villains into ultra chic outfits.

The fashion stylings of iconic villains like Maleficent, Ursula, and Cruella de Vil (herself a fashionista, so go figure) made it onto runway models, as did the looks of less popular villainesses such as Cinderella’s evil step family and Grimhilde, the antagonist in Snow White. It may seem strange, but the outfits totally work. See for yourself.


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Lady Tremane

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The Evil Step Sisters

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Cruella de Vil

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One cartoon franchise came out of left field this year during New York’s Fall Fashion show, providing inspiration for several designers, and you’ll be surprised to hear it is Peanuts. Yup, Charlie Brown has made his way into the high fashion scene, with his iconic yellow sweater seen in Alexander Wang Fall 2014 collection.

Mr. Brown wasn’t the only Peanuts character to be seen on the runway though, as Woodstock, the adorable yellow bird, graced a few outfits as well. The cute little character was seen in his tiny glory on a couple of sweaters part of the Fay Fall 2014 collection, stitched on to a couple of grey sweaters with his yellow figure popping right out.

Wang’s Charlie Brown Outfit

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Fay’s Woodstock Sweaters

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So the next time you’re trying to think up a new and funky outfit, don’t look to models. Think about what your favourite cartoon character would wear, and you’ll be heading in the most fashionable direction. Well, maybe no all cartoon characters, because something tells me He-Man’s outfit might be a little too revealing.

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