Henry’s Learning Lab Courses Will Up Your Fashion Photography Game In A Big Way

From aspiring fashion photographers to simple Instagrammers who just want to make their new outfit look as best as possible, everyone could use a lesson or two in photography. Unless your a seasoned veteran, or have a full-blown fine arts degree in photography, there’s likely a lot you don’t know about taking a quality photo, which is fine, because Henry’s has your back.

Named NOW magazine’s Best Camera Store for a reason, Henry’s has just launched a new “Learning Lab” initiative, a series of courses prepared by professional instructors that will bring your photo-taking game to a whole new level. Available all online, the courses are ideal for those of you who have a busy schedule, as you can stop and start each lesson at your leisure.

Learning Lab courses include lessons on specific digital camera models (Nikon and Canon) but even if you have a Fuji or a Sony camera, there are plenty of other topics to choose from, including mastering headshot photography, creativity & productivity, and individual lessons from a variety of famous photographers.

Any of you with a real zeal for photography, and truly want to thrive in the trade, either as a fashion photographer or any other type, would gain so much worthwhile knowledge without ever needing to go to school or physically attend a course. Gaining insight from leading professionals on your own schedule for a very reasonable price is hard to pass up.

And, again. even if your not looking to be a big time photographer, the Learning Lab courses still offer a lot of solid information anyone can use. We all have a camera attached to our phone nowadays, so you should know how to wield it, if only to make yourself look good.

Get all the info on Henry’s Learning Lab courses here.

Photo credit – 1924.us

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