Let Your Photos Inspire you Offline

We all love Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and clearly can’t get enough of sharing images online. It makes sense, because it’s not like you can easily mail 1,000 people the photo you just took of your new shoes – not for free, anyway.

That said, we often forget the value of holding an actual photograph in our hands, and we forget about the physical walls that exist in our real lives outside of Facebook. Whether it’s your bedroom or the walls of your cubicle, there are so many opportunities to display the images that inspire our style and represent who we are.

And you don’t have to go buy a super expensive framed print to put on your wall. Create your own art by printing off photos you took yourself, or images you found online, and create a pretty inspiration collage, like this one:


Or, if you’re want a more curated look, print lots of contrasting images and have them framed. Intersperse them with drawings and any other art you’d like, and arrange them on a wall, gallery-style:


If you can’t hammer nails into the wall, or you don’t want to frame your photos, stringing them up with pretty rope and clothespins is super easy and can give a wall a pretty vintage-y vibe. This example even uses printed out Instagram photos:


Whatever you choose, incorporating some of your own fashion photography is the best way to keep it unique. Keep on doing that on Instagram, too, but have fun expressing yourself in a tangible way with images that speak to you and your personal style.

Image sources: behance.net; pinimg.com; bp.blogspot.com

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