Remember How Good You Looked This Fall With These On-Sale Items

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School is nearly here, and you’ve already bought a whole new wardrobe (or your parents have, but don’t mind the details) which means someone needs to document all of the fresh threads you just purchased.

Sure, you could rely on your friends and their dinky phones to snap pics and videos, but when it comes to immortalizing your fashion-beauty, it’s best to take charge and make sure you have all the necessary equipment to get the documentation done right. Then you can get your pals to play photographer while you model it up.

Typically a good enough camera to capture the effort your put into your new looks would cost a pretty penny. Fortunately, Canon and other brands have some very legit back to school sales which will save you tons of cash for, books, or you know, anything else.

A good mix of gear is on sale, the more appealing items being camcorders, printers and projectors. The first for on-the-scene documentation, the second for taking the moments where you look best and making them plaster-able on your wall, and the third for large-screen viewings of anything from photo albums to movies.

Moments are meant to be remembered, especially the ones where you look really good. Don’t let fall 2014 be forgotten.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Canon to promote their summer clearance sale.

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