Style Photographers! Enter This Contest

Did you go to Coachella and snap an amazing photo of a hippie hula-hooping in a blue dress? Are you a self-described fashion photographer who walks the streets looking for fabulously put together attire? Maybe you have a portfolio of great fashion photography and you’re seconds away from getting your big break? Here’s a contest that might just give you the fame that you’re on the edge of.

The Henry’s Camera Shoot To Show Contest  

How To Enter:

  1. Select of photo of yours that you think is a real winner. (Not quite happy with your current photos? Head to your nearest camera store and get some advice on different ways to snap that perfect shot).
  2. Pick a category you think your best photo fits best into: people, travel, macro or landscape.
  3. Submit your photo on this app here.
  4. Watch on Facebook for further details as the Canon contest unfolds and wait for winner announcements.
  5. Fingers crossed that you are a finalist or a grand prize winner! This contest is also great for photography exposure.

*Don’t feel limited to your fashion photos, if you have other great pics you think that might be a winner, go for the gold!


This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Henry’s Cameras to promote their Shoot to Show Contest.

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