Texture Offers Stories & Parenting Tips in Today’s Parent

All parents know that life with kids is unpredictable — there’s never any shortage of surprises, or moments that will make you smile. Parents are always looking for a resource that can both humour and comfort them, or to hear stories that will help them know they’re not alone. Through its topical parenting and lifestyle content, Today’s Parent does just that. The magazine ultimately looks to unite and uplift its readers, driving home the message that parenting is a tough job — it truly takes a village, and we’re all in this together.

While real life stories from the magazine will surely make you laugh in recognition, Today’s Parent is also there for when things get tough. It relies on experts to provide advice that can help parents with more difficult topics, including health, discipline, behaviour, education and more.

On a lighter note, Today’s Parent frequently examines pop culture through a parental lens. For example, a wide range of publications, including the New York Times and Vogue, have deemed Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a heartthrob and even credited him with making the country hip again. But Today’s Parent has provided a look at Trudeau at a different — albeit important — angle, and broke down some of his most adorable moments with kids across the country. They can also be trusted to provide important updates about your favourite Hollywood stars, such as when Channing Tatum performs a stunning lip-sync rendition of your child’s favourite song from Frozen, “Let it Go.” Finally, Today’s Parent makes sure to keep up with the actors who played the iconic characters in your favourite family movies. They’ve recently written a touching tribute to the late Harry Potter actor Alan Rickman.

This is just a sneak peek at some of the varied types of topics you’ll find throughout the magazine — you can access more issues of Today’s Parent and other digital magazines through one of Texture’s magazine subscriptions. You can begin a 30-day free trial before you commit to a basic package, which lets you see all of Texture’s monthly magazines for $9.99 a month on your smartphone or tablet. Premium packages, which are priced at $14.99 a month, will let you see weekly titles as well.

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