Virtual Reality Dressing Rooms Exist And Are The Future Of Shopping

Photo credit – Zugara

I hate shopping. There I said it, even though it may be a bit taboo to state on a fashion site. Now, it’s not the act of shopping itself that I loathe; I love finding new threads to make me look fly just as much as the next guy or gal. No, the real thing I hate about shopping is the constant taking off and putting on of clothes.

Remove your pants, put a pair on, take them off again, repeat, subbing in all manner of garments, of course. Finding the perfect outfit in the right size and colour can be an ordeal riddled with buttons, zippers, and length-issues as you constantly dress/disrobe yourself. All that could change once virtual reality changing rooms are in clothing stores, which may be sooner than you think.

Zugara, a team of marketing strategists and computer whizzes, recently unveiled their new Virtual Style Sense (VSS) technology, which lets you try on all sorts of outfits without ever having to take off a piece of garment. Don’t worry, this won’t require you plugging into the matrix just to try on a few shirts. Check out how easy rifling through a store’s inventory would be in the promo trailer below.

Not the only company looking into the concept of virtual dressing rooms, Zugara is joined by FaceCake, which also delves into the realm of virtual makeup application, and even Microsoft’s Kinect device which can be used to virtually dress a person. So with these companies on the virtual dressing room scene, you can expect to find VSS-like technology in stores soon, right? Unfortunately, it might be a while.

The major issue with installing virtual dressing rooms inside of stores, Zugara’s Matt Szymczyk pointed out to Mashable, is the amount of time it would take to set up the system for one store’s inventory. Every single piece of clothing would need to be 3-D rendered, then programmed to fit on a variety of body types, costing about $2, 000-$3, 000 per item.

Small boutiques and stores simply don’t have the budget to digitize their entire inventory, and big companies are probably not going to until the technology is perfected. Still, knowing the technology exists and that companies are working towards integrating virtual dressing rooms into one’s everyday shopping experience gives me hope for the world of retail.

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