5 Modern Man Bags

I remember an episode of Friends where Joey is made fun of by all his pals because he has taken a liking to a nice man bag that Rachel picked out for him. His friends don’t even call it a bag, they call it a ‘murse,’ but those days have gone. We now live in an era where a man can take as much pride in the design of his bag as he can in the design of his shoes, suit and tie.

Man bags have a wide breadth of different styles. Go with something leather that looks classic and will never go out of style, or opt for something more quirky with a fun pattern that says you are young at heart. From weekend totes to gym bags to briefcases, there is a modern man bag for you.

Billykirk No. 300 Padded Zippered Briefcase – $374

Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffle – $74

Sandqvist Erik Messenger Bag – $322

Jack Spade Apex Barrel Duffle – $198

Haerfest F5 Capsule Backpack – $395

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