6 Men’s Raincoat Styles To Help You Survive Spring Showers

So we’re finally in a new season, and while the constant snowfalls of winter are gone, we’ve got a new form of precipitation to deal with: rain. April is known for its many showers, and it’s not as if things magically clear up in May, making the early months of spring pretty damp. Don’t see all the rain as an entirely bad thing though, as donning a raincoat adds a new element to your wardrobe. A raincoat allows you to look good while it pours, and below are some raincoat styles to inspire you to prepare for the rain showers that lie ahead.


The Classic Trench: Burberry’s Cotton Twill Trench

Trench coats are classic rain-protecting gear for a reason, namely because they are the epitome of functional fashion. Long enough to shield you from the rain while making you look classically chic, trench coats are the simple yet effective way to go. Don’t feel like you need to go big with Burberry with your trench though, cheaper models are out there.


Wear A Splash of Colour: Waxed Water Resistant Jacket Rain Coat Anorak

Just because the sky is grey doesn’t mean your jacket needs to follow suit. Add some flash and pizzazz to the gloomier months of spring with a rain coat alive with colour. Most brands carry rain coats in more than a few vibrant colours, so do shop around if you’re looking to get a colourful coat.


The Crazy Pattern Look: Handcrafted Graphic Raincoats

Getting your hands on a Graphic Raincoat is a tad harder than most standard varieties, mainly because not all major producers have patterned coats in their lineup, but the payoff is definitely worth it. It’s all the hip-cred of a graphic tee, but with the protection of a raincoat – definitely the best of both worlds. Here’s one solid example of a graphic raincoat, with others best found online.


Something Trendy: The Belstaff Fall-Winter 2014 Collection Raincoat

Yes, we’re technically in 2015, but that doesn’t mean you’ll look passé in this mod raincoat from Belstaff’s 2014 fall-winter collection. If anything, you’ll receive (tons of) compliments on your trendy coat, because damn will you look hip.


For The Geek Who is Chic: Volante Design’s “Snikt Jacket”

Who doesn’t want to walk in the rain looking like a superhero? That’s right, no one, and Volante Design’s series of comic-inspired coats will let you do just that. If Wolvie isn’t you bad, there are also Captain America, Deadpool, and Assassin’s Creed looks to rock too.

Oldschool yellow

Classic Yellow: The Rubberized Slicker

Hearken back to the simple days of childhood with a classic yellow rubberized slicker. Just because your 15 years older doesn’t mean you can’t still sport the look, because the classics never go out of style.

Featured photo courtesy of: Chispita_666

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