8 “Ugly” Christmas Sweaters You Can Feel Proud To Wear In Public

Somehow, someway, ugly became chic. And I’m not talking about mean-girl-style hating on physically less attractive people. I’m talking over-the-top, so bad it went from good back to bad, too much for the eyes to handle kind of ugly, which has become a fashion trend to rock in the realm of sweaters, specifically during the holiday season.

What once was but a simple Christmas party idea has grown into a fully-fledged fashion trend, as men (and women, mind you) feel perfectly comfortable in wearing the most garish knitted sweaters among their peers, because “it’s cool.”

Personally, I blame the self-aware humour and fashion choices of the hipster demographic, known to wear over-sized sweaters and ironic apparel, who have made the world think its okay to wear ugly Christmas sweaters in public. The word “ugly” is right in the title people, that should have been the first clue.

For a time, “ugly” Christmas sweaters were just long-sleeved winter garments that had a lot of patterns or colours. Not particularly offensive to the eye, but a little much. Nowadays guys sport the most ridiculous sweaters, with literal bells and whistles attached, which is just not okay. No amount of Christmas cheer makes wearing a truly ugly (or fugly, as I like to call them) Christmas sweater in public acceptable.

Sorry to be a mild Grinch, it’s just that all men should look dapper, even if they’re trying to sport something a little silly. Fortunately, not all “ugly” Xmas sweaters cross the line into fugly. Some can actually be quite dapper, while still fitting the theme. To ensure you always look your best, here’s a few examples of “ugly” Xmas sweaters you can wear and still look damn good for the holidays.

The River Island Jumper with Stag Print

Photo credit – ASOS

  • Festive and fun, while still looking dapper.

The Casual Nordic Patterned Knited Shawl Collar Cardigan

Photo credit – Oakley

  • An unoffensive colour-scheme goes a long way, as does the swag of a cardigan.

The V-Neck Pullover Christmas Sweater

Photo credit – sweettreats

  • Paired with a white collared shirt and a bow-tie, you look put together while still full of Xmas spirit.

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Suit


Photo credit – Laughing Squid

  • If you’re going to go over the top, it pays to commit to the idea. These suits go past being good, back to bad, then back home to looking good again.

The Real ‘Wiener Wonderland’ Ugly Christmas Long Sleeve Novelty Shirt


Photo credit – Nordstrom

  • Wiener dogs aren’t ugly, they’re adorable, and so will you.

Star Wars Darth Vader Santa Christmas Sweater Sweatshirt


Photo credit – geekalerts

  • Star Wars is trending right now, so if you gotta go geeky, go with this relevant (but tame) Vader sweater.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Fair Isle Crewneck Pullover


Photo credit – Hot Topic

  • Another nerdy option, though the classic black and white colour-combo keeps this lightly gothic number from being too kitschy.

Toronto Maple Leafs Ugly Christmas Sweater NHL


Photo credit – ReftroFestive

  • Showing team pride is maybe the only way of getting away with wearing an ugly sweater. People are forbidden from hating on the Leafs

The Happy Birthday Jesus Sweater


Photo creditTipsyElves

  • But if you simply need to wear something ridiculous, at least make sure it’s clever.

Featured Photo creditsweettreats

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