Bandanas are this Spring’s Must-Have Accessory

Now that spring is here in full force, put away your scarves and opt for this spring’s must-have accessory for guys: the bandana. Bandanas have been popping up on the runways this year in a lot of different styles, so whether you are looking for something more casual or more formal, there is a bandana and a way to tie it for you.

There are plenty of different ways to wear a bandana. You can roll it and tie it in a knot, skip the roll and just fold it in half diagonally with a knot, or you can skip the knot altogether and wear it almost like an ascot. If you are looking to dress things up a bit, you can simply turn your bandana into a nicely folded pocket square.

The other great thing about bandanas is that they come at a wide range of prices. Everything from a couple bucks at army-navy, to the most high-end designers. Designer bandanas tend to be made of thicker fabric. That will allow you to fold them more neatly, but the less expensive bandanas will roll very nicely and tie in knots easily because of the thinner fabric.

The one thing to avoid is wearing plain colored bandanas out your back pocket. We don’t want anybody being mistaken for a gang member, do we?


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