Baseball Caps For Baseball and Non-Baseball Fans

The cap has long been an interesting clothing accessory. Is it stylish or is it not? For a while, caps were either one of two things to me: there was the traditional baseball cap, with a team’s logo on it, or there was the generic, plain, sweat-stained cap that people would put on when working out in the sun (although I guess at one point that cap would have been new and fresh, but I can’t remember ever seeing that incarnation of it). But if you’re not a fan of baseball and you don’t want to risk being called out as a poser, what do you do if you still want to wear a cool cap?

Well don’t worry – there are tons of hip options out there to choose from. Obviously caps are all basically shaped the same, but the wealth of different designs, logos, and fabric types won’t disappoint you. Although, maybe don’t go for the trucker hat – that style seemingly died out with Ashton Kutcher’s career. Take a look at some of these options that we have picked out because it’s the summer and you should be able to shield your face from the sun in style, while looking great.


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Nathalie Du Pasquier Blue Biba Print Cotton Cap – $44 CAD


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Adidas Originals Thrasher II Snapback Hat – $26 USD


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Cap – $14.99 CAD


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Lids Private Label PL Tie Dye Camper 2015 – $25.99 CAD


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Get Fresh Company YYZ Snapback white on black – $50 CAD

Featured image source: Sunrise Marketplace

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