Finding the Perfect Pair of Sweatpants

It used to be that I would tell people that sweatpants are an article of clothing that should never be worn outside the house, similar to pajamas. Luckily for all you comfort seeking fashionistas out there, there is a new crop of sweatpants on store shelves that are as comfortable as they are stylish. Here is my advice on how to find the perfect pair of sweatpants.

The first type of sweatpant that I’d recommend to people is the jean sweatpant. They aren’t actually made of jean, but they look like them, and that is the great thing. Jeans were already comfortable enough as it is, but now you can get even more comfortable with sweatpants that look exactly like jeans. Just imagine wearing sweatpants out to the club at night and no one would be the wiser.

Diesel Jogg Jeans

If you are looking for a more classic sweatpant look then make sure to go with something that is slim and fitted. What you don’t want is something super baggy. It’s also fine to go with sweatpants that have cuffs, just be sure to avoid sweatpants that have an elastic ankle.

Julian Sweatpants by Club Monaco

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