The Funky Sock Revolution Is Here and It Is Time to Join!

Until recently, socks were purely a functional clothing item for me and I would never have considered wearing a funky sock. They were either white or black (or maybe grey), interchangeable, and easily replaceable as soon as I wore holes in them (or after several months of walking around with holes in them). I never cared about style, since they’re hidden in your shoes most of the time. Even when they’re not, who’s looking at other people’s socks anyway?

Well now I’ve realized you can give people a reason to look. Funky socks are in and everyone’s got them. Wow your friends and family with sock designs that pop off your feet and bring some additional flare to your outfit. It’s time to embrace this often overlooked clothing item and make room for the funky sock revolution.

socks 1

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Geo Pattern Sock – $8 CAD


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Stars and Stripes Socks – $16 CAD


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Cool Moose Men’s Crew Socks – $10.99 CAD

socks 2

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Shark Chase Stripe Sock – $8 CAD


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Super Juicy Wide Calf – $12 USD

Featured image source: Wedding Bee

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