A Gentleman’s Guide to Growing a Beard

In case you hadn’t noticed, beards are in right now. There are many men out there who are tempted to try growing their first beard, but they have nerves. Being clean shaven each day means that growing a beard is uncharted territory. Don’t let that deter you though! Follow these simple points of advice to help you grow your very first beard.

1. Be Patient

Growing a beard is a process, a process that often times has an awkward in between stage that you have to power through. Lots of men will start trimming their beard too early. It is best to give yourself a full month of growth before starting to shape your beard into the style you want. Doing this too early can remove parts of the beard that you actually want there. If you are going to shape your beard early in the growing process, remember that it is better to shape too little than shape too much. While early shaping isn’t recommended, you should be using a trimmer to keep all your beard hairs the same length.

2. Endure the Itch

One of the major reasons that beard attempts are cut short is the itch. All those new hairs on your face can tickle your skin at first. There ┬áreally isn’t much you can do about this other than sticking it out. Don’t let being a little itchy stop you from realizing your bearded dreams. The itchiness will go away after a week or so.

3. Wash It

Just because you have a beard on your face now doesn’t mean you can stop washing your face. Dirt and dead skin will get trapped in your beard, and you’ll want to wash that out lest you have beard dandruff which is really not the look. Face cleansers don’t work that well to wash a beard. It is instead better to use a gentle shampoo and conditioner.

4. Shape It

You’ve grown out your beard for a good month — now the time to shape it. Do some research to determine which beard style is your favorite. Be aware of the limitations that your beard growth pattern dictate. Most men prefer to do their beard trimming themselves. It can be therapeutic, like trimming a bonsai tree, and it takes less time than shaving each day. You can also find yourself a barber who knows what he is doing with a beard. Either way its important to keep things in shape so that you look like a gentleman and not a bushman.

Image source: The Bearded

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