Hawaiian Print Is Back

I never thought I’d say this, but Hawaiian print is back this year and I’m happy about it. No longer will this print be reserved for tourists on a tropical vacation. Hawaiian print is cool for the gym, beach and street. Tropical prints have been updated with dark shades, silhouettes and different uses that make these as nice on an island as they are in New York City.

Go out a get yourself the perfect Hawaiian shirt this year, and while you’re at it you can grab a few more things with this print on it. Sweaters, jackets and short have also been taking to the print. Have fun with it because one day your children will look back at pictures of you just like we did to the generation before us.

Analog Hawaiian Palm Print Shirt

All Saints Short Sleeve Button-Down

Zara Tropical Print Jacket

Forever 21 Tropical Print Shorts

Franklin & Marshall Shirt and Shorts

Lead Photo Sourcewww.zumiez.com

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