What To Wear On An Outdoorsy Adventure

We all know it’s hard to stay looking great when you are workin’ up a sweat and exploring! You want to be comfy but you don’t want to look like you’re headed to the gym. What if you decide to stop for that seaside lunch?

What you need is the perfect mix of comfortable and stylish attire.

Yoga-wear lululemon athletica has a new line of yoga/street clothes called &go launching soon. Our fave pieces for ladies are the dresses and peplums that are “explorer chic” and perfect for these types of travel scenarios. For guys, we suggest a two-toned long sleeve or a colourful tee.

Here are some great travel gear ideas:


The Peplum Shirt

Pair with white shorts and black-on-black running shoes.

The Dress

Pair with low converses and a ball cap and with white Arizona Birkenstocks and a floppy straw sunhat.



The Grey-On-Grey Long Sleeve

Wear with faded green camouflage cargo shorts and dark grey vans.

The Colourful Tee

Pair with some navy blue khaki shorts, and dark grey and turquoise New Balance runners.

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