Introducing the ‘Lumbersexual’

It’s been going on for a while now, but trend columnists just recently dubbed the bearded hipster look ‘lumbersexual.’ The monicker is derived from the word ‘metrosexual,’ which was used to describe men who are straight, but dress well and take extra good care of themselves, like gay men in the early ’00s.

A lumbersexual is in some ways just the opposite of a metrosexual. He is a man who is rugged and bearded. He wears flannel shirts and work boots. Often times there are plenty of tattoos involved. The lumbersexual spends copious amounts of time trimming his beard, and manicuring himself to look somewhat un-manicured.

This look is said to be at its height right now. Hipsters from LA to Brooklyn to Toronto’s trendy Queen West neighborhood are sporting the look. The look has been adopted by the masses, and while it originated from actual lumberjacks, it has long been the uniform for gay bears and cubs. These are the ultra masculine looks of gay men, and both looks can basically be replaced with the word lumbersexual at this point.

The lumbersexual look is at its peak right now. That puts it in a dangerous spot. Sure it’s cool now, but fashion is always about what is next; what is on the cutting edge. Grow that beard and don your favorite flannel shirt fast because by the time your beard fully grows in the fashion world could be on to the next trending look.

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