Normcore And The Return Of The “James Dean”

Blue jeans, white shirt. No, I’m not quoting Lana Del Rey right now, I’m talking about the simple fashion style that has been around forever, but has recently been re-energized for its functionality and applicability in newfound trends.

The 1950s movie star James Dean probably wasn’t the first to sport blue denim jeans and an unmarked white tee-shirt, still, but he popularized the look like no other, to the point that the tee-jeans combo is synonymous with his name nowadays. Regularly paired with a red windbreaker, Dean became a fashion icon thanks to this simple style.

Today, the “James Dean” has been given new life thanks to the recent “Normcore” fashion movement. A rejection of complex and ever-changing fashion styles, Normcore is all about wearing unpretentious clothes, mainly everyday items like hoodies, chinos, or white tees and blue jeans.

You may not be Normcore yourself, but thanks to the fashion trend all about simplicity, you can rock this easy to assemble outfit and still be trendy. Nearly every person, male or female, has a pair of jeans and a shirt on-hand, making the outfit applicable to both sexes and fairly cheap, depending on what brands your choosing, but in all honesty, you can get away with Old Navy stuff and no one would even notice.

Suitable for nearly every occasion, the “James Dean” can be worn almost anywhere, and in any given season. A single addition to the outfit (hat, purse, shoes) will go a long way to making the item in question “pop,” so if you have a new accessory you want to show off, this would be the outfit to do it in.

Rebel against complex fashion (with or without a cause) with the “James Dean” and reap all the benefits. Less can be more, and now it’s officially trendy, meaning you don’t have to try as hard to look good, but you’ll still be classically cool in this blue and white combo.

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