You Have My Permission, Never Wash Your Jeans

I finally feel like I have some validation for my lazy practice. The CEO of Levi’s, Chip Bergh, told an entire business conference that he never washes his jeans — ever. That means that I wash my jeans more than the CEO of Levi’s, but only barely. Don’t get so grossed out. Let me break down both sides of this issue as I see it.

Here are the reasons I can think of why you should wash your jeans on a regular basis. After wearing the same pair of pants for a while, they are going to smell. They also might get some stains on them, which are never a pretty sight. I think the main reason is simply because your mom taught you to though. “Do your laundry,” I can hear my mom say it now. Lastly, and this is the best argument in my opinion, your jeans will fade as you wash them, and this gives them character. Faded jeans are cool too.

Having said that, I don’t wash my jeans very often. I confess. Bergh tells us that this helps to keep the shape and color of your jeans. Indeed, if you want to keep the exact color and cut of jeans, the worst thing to do would be to wash them. They will fade, they will shrink and warp, and they won’t last as long. That doesn’t sound good, does it? Think of the benefits too. You’ll have to do laundry less, and you can wear your favorite pair of jeans more any time you want.You’re also using a bit less water, so you’re being environmental too.

There are some things that you can do to make sure your jeans don’t get too dirty, or smell too bad. Spray them with some air freshener and hang them up to air dry. They should come back to you smelling like a spring breeze. You can also take them to the dry cleaners. They’ll be clean as can be, and they won’t have faded a bit.

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