Pharrell’s Buffalo Hat to be displayed at the Newseum

At last year’s Grammys Pharrell’s Buffalo Hat made quite a stir.┬áThe now famous hat drew both praise and ire from the public, prompting images of the hat to go viral on social media platforms. The controversial hat is booked to go on display at the Newseum, in Washington D.C.

The Buffalo Hat was designed by Vivienne Westwood. After making such a splash at the Grammys, Pharrell sold the hat on eBay. Fast-food restaurant Arby’s ended up buying the hat for $44,100, which was donated to charity. The hat bears a striking resemblance to the over-sized hat that is in the Arby’s logo.

Images of the hat were retweeted more than 80,000 times, making it quite the social media sensation. The Buffalo Hat ended up getting more attention on social media than most of the acts that actually performed on stage.

Music and fashion fans alike will be able to see the famous hat in person at the Newseum for a limited time. The hat will be on display in the Newseum’s New York Times Great Hall of News from August 21st through to October 26th.

Source: TODAY



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