Prepare For Spring With a Good Hoodie

Men's Spring Hoodie

Spring is in the air and it’s getting warmer outside, but not too warm. This makes dressing for the weather a constant battle of trying to avoid being over or under-dressed. You look out the window and it looks like a beautiful, sunny day so you dress light, but then you actually get outside and that cool chill makes you realize you maybe should have dressed a little warmer. The problem is that it’s not like you need a parka or anything. The constant, ongoing struggle is definitely real!

This is where a good hoodie can come in handy. They are very easy to throw on, come in a variety of different colours and designs, and, most importantly, they give you that extra layer of warmth that comes in handy during the spring months. Wear one under a thin jacket and you’re ready to tackle any kind of mildly brisk climate. Your move Mother Nature!


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Hooded jacket – $29.95 CAD


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AEO Vintage Hooded Pop Over Sweatshirt – $44.09 CAD


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BDG Streaky Zip Hoodie – $44 USD


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Sleeveless Zip Hoodie – $46 CAD


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Jacquard Hooded Jacket – $59.90 CAD

Featured Image Source: J.Crew

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