Punk Styling All the Rage This Fall

One of the main style inspirations for the fall/winter 2014 season is punk styling. This counter culture movement has gone from the fringes to the mainstream over the years. Despite becoming more mainstream, punk styling endures as a style inspiration because of its association with rebellion, individuality and non-conformity. From head to toe punk is making its mark this fall.

Biker Jacket

The biker jacket has become a classic at this point, which is funny considering that it was once banned by many stores in the UK and the USA because of its ties to greaser culture. It’s black leather, cropped cut, and sometimes-studs fits wonderfully and has a distinctly masculine vibe.



Red Punk Checks

The red punk check can be a little hard to pull off, but with the right splash of it in your wardrobe you’ll be able to introduce a bit of British punk style to your outfits. Trying this pattern out on shirts and jackets is a safe way to go, and if you feel more adventurous you can try to incorporate the pattern on some cropped trousers.




Heavy punk boots are going through a resurgence. The high-topped military style boots are being worn with cropped pants, which gives off a vibe that screams rebel while looking absolutely modern at the same time.


Featured Image Source: Wardrobe Looks


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