Show Some Skin — Wear a Tank Top

Tank tops are not just for the gym or to be worn under your dress shirt anymore. It takes a confident man to wear a tank top, so show off how confident you are this summer by sporting a tank top at the beach, or on the street. Just don’t start wearing tank tops to the office. It may be hot, and you may have a casual dress code, but a tank top is basically the opposite of office wear and should be saved for after work and weekends.

Tank tops come in all sorts of fabrics and styles. You can go with a cheap mono-colored tank top that you can find at any department store, or the GAP (among other places). These are great to wear under blazers or a jean jacket. If you want to do something a bit more bold, choose a tank with an interesting graphic on it, or horizontal stripes. My personal favorite is the pocket tank. Wear it with anything from jeans to your swim shorts and you will be looking relaxed and ready for the dog days of summer.

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One thought on “Show Some Skin — Wear a Tank Top”

  1. Antonymous says:

    I agree it’s difficult to pull of showing the whole arms. Imho there have to be more stylish tank tops, which get to be more casual chic, instead of the wife beater image.
    I personally prefer to show legs, wearing shorts and leather sandals and, sometimes a bit of the upper chest and shoulder blades, wearing wider necked shirts.

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