Stylish Shorts for the Fashionable Man

There have been many articles written over the years about how shorts are not cool on men. They’re not fashionable and they make you look super-lame, they say. Well I’m here to disagree with all of that. Summer is here and it’s hot out and I want to let my legs breathe. How annoying is it to have sweaty legs because you’re wearing pants on a beautiful day? I’ll tell you – it’s really annoying!

It’s not just a functional thing, either. I’ve never understood the train of thought that says showing your legs off is a gauche thing to do. And while there are some types of shorts that I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing, there’s still a ton of options to complement those vibrant calves of yours. Whether you’re just keeping it casual or even if you want more of a professional look, you can still achieve it while keeping cool at the same time. Because we all have to deal with enough sweat during the hot summer months as it is. Here are some stylish shorts for all men to consider adding to their wardrobe for the warmer spring and summer months ahead.


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Cotton Seersucker Kennedy Short – $68 CAD


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Denim Shorts – $29.95 CAD


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Chino Shorts – $24.95 CAD


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Button Tab Bermuda Shorts – $49.90 CAD


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Publish Lindbergh Short – $79 USD

Featured image source: Clyde Fitch Report

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