8 Of The Best Geek Fashion Items

Being into Star Wars, comic books, Pokemon, or anything else in the nerdy realm of geek culture doesn’t mean you aren’t into fashion. Well, to be honest, that is mostly the case, but being a geek definitely doesn’t mean you can’t be into fashion. Nowadays any nerd-tastic guy or gal can rep their geekness with their wardrobe, which has inspired some pretty amazing pieces of clothing.

Geek fashion grew exponentially once the internet allowed for online niche-specific fashion boutiques, and now that traditionally nerdy films, movies, and books have become more mainstream (e.g. superhero movies, vampires, wizards) the amount of “geek chic” apparel has only grown. Good thing, because I was getting tired of repping my one Squirtle sweater.

The world of geek fashion is quite large and at times hilariously extensive, so below are some examples of what you could be wearing at any given moment. Get inspired to show your geek-pride.


The Nike-Star Wars Hoodie

If anyone can motivate you to run that extra half-mile, it’s Yoda

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Game of Thrones House Rings

Whether you’re rooting for the Starks, Lannisters, or Baratheon, you have bling to choose from

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Custom Batman Kicks

Customized by Brass Monki, other varities include Captain America, Super Mario, and Zelda. Unfortunately, though, these are just concept designs and not real shoes you can buy. See more here.


The Lightning Cat Shirt

Somehow, wearing a shirt of a cat shooting doing the whole force lightning thing in the sky just seems right

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Lord of the Rings Montage Dress

Lord of the Rings Montage Dress

The LOTR Movie Montage Dress

Take note ladies, because if you walk into a party with Frodo plastered on your torso, the fellas will come running.

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Marvel Comics Skirt Suspenders

Old school pinup girl style fuses with geek culture in a circle skirt that actually looks pretty slick.

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The Wingardium Leviosa Tank

People need to know how to properly cast a levitation spell. What is they’re attacked by a troll in the washroom?

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The Poke-Hoodie

Only for those who want to be the very best that ever was

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The Man of Steel Leather Jacket

When paired with a motorcycle you have my dream man

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