City of Neighbourhoods Toques Let You Represent Your City

Authenticity can be an important component of style, especially when it comes to displaying clothing with names or designs on it. This applies even more when it comes to representing where you live. Wearing apparel with Canada plastered all over it may be patriotic, but it’s not always considered that stylish. That’s why the City of Neighbourhoods collection from Tuck Shop Trading Co. has taken off like it has. Made in Toronto, this series of toques represent all the different neighbourhoods in this great city, from the Annex to the Distillery and even out to Scarborough and Etobicoke. They’re specific and niche enough to be hip, while still being an accurate display of where you kick around and grew up. Also, they sport cool designs and colour schemes, while being super soft and comfortable. They are guaranteed to keep your poor head warm throughout the bleak Toronto winter.

The City of Neighbourhoods collection has gotten so popular, in fact, that Tuck Shop is primed to expand to Montreal, Ottawa, New York and Los Angeles in the coming year. In anticipation, they have added some more options for neighbourhoods in these new cities as well as expanding the Toronto collection.

Here are some selections to look at:



Annex – $38 CAD


Danforth – $38 CAD


Greenwich Village – $38 CAD


Regent Park – $38 CAD


Venice Beach – $38 CAD

Images source: Tuck Shop Trading Co.

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