How to Wear a Short Suit

One of this year’ swarm weather trends is the short suit. No I’m not referring to a suit that is too short for your body. I’m talking about a suit that has formal shorts on the bottom. It’s formal from the waist up, and a bit more casual from the waist down. I’ll be the first to admit that it is a delicate venture to don a short suit, so here’s my advice on how to wear a short suit right.

First off, don’t go too short with the shorts. It’s already a short suit, you don’t need to make it a short short suit. You also don’t want to go too formal. Steer clear of pinstripes and try to stick with lightweight fabrics. The whole functional point of the short suit is that it is cooler to wear in the summer, so don’t wear a heavy fabric and end of being all sweaty still.

Remember that a short suit is already going to get you some looks when walking down the street. Embrace it. Don’t be afraid to go all out with a pocket square, a tie bar or a nice pair of dress shoes. If you feel like you might have gone too far, just take off one accessory before you leave the house. You’ll look better less accessorized than over done.

Throw on a short suit when you go to your next garden party, weekend lunch or evening event. You’ll be joining the ranks of celebrities like Pharrell Williams as those who are brave enough, and cool enough to wear a short suit.





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  1. Marlize says:

    Good Morning

    Please can yo help us we have an wedding in march and we need a short suit light brown please can we come and see you or can you help us with prices

  2. Matthew Spencer says:

    Please can you tell me where to get the blue shirt suit on image 2 please

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