Five Pairs of Blinged-Out Summer-Ready Sandals

After a classically Canadian long winter, your feet are probably tired, and maybe not looking their best. That means it’s time to get a pedicure, because we’re headed for the season of sandals. If flipflops are your go-to, it’s time for a serious upgrade – an upgrade that could even…

Five Printed Summer Swimsuits For The Boys

Hands up if you have a reliable pair of black swim trunks that you’ve been reaching for for years. I’ve got news for you: that’s boring, and you deserve better. The beach or pool in the summer are the perfect places to let loose and embrace a bolder swimsuit look….

The Perfect Pair of Sunglasses To Prepare For Summer

Now that the snow is gone and the sun is starting to shine brighter, it’s time to start wearing sunglasses on the regular again. Not only are they important eye protection, but they make any outfit look extra cool, and they can be a relatively inexpensive way to get your…