Stay Calm And Wedding Plan With Brides Magazine

If you’ve recently gotten engaged, you are without a doubt over-the-moon excited. But as wedding planning gets underhand, this excitement can be accompanied with some stress, particularly as the big day approaches.

That’s where Brides magazine can come in handy. When you consider all the details that come with planning a wedding, the process can seem downright daunting and overwhelming — even for the most seasoned pros. But Brides magazine contains all of the information you’ll need for your big day, in one place. So if you need inspiration from anything ranging from your dress to the decor, you can remain calm and turn to one trustworthy source.

For example, if you’re the type of bride who hasn’t put a lot of thought into the type of wedding dress you see yourself walking down the aisle in, Brides magazine has all the information you’ll need to narrow in your choices. Whether you envision yourself as a traditional bride or are looking for a more unique, modern look, Brides magazine showcases a wide range of looks that will appeal to all types of brides. In their article “Fall 2017 Wedding Dress Trends,” the magazine has photos of off-the-shoulder, ruffled, blush and even plunging gowns, so you can have some visual inspiration to help decide on your look.

But even though the bride is the most important person on the wedding day, other members of the wedding party are likely looking for tips too. Being in a wedding may be an honour, but it is no easy feat — unfortunately, there are plenty of opportunities both before and during the wedding for slip-ups in etiquette. Brides magazine offers ample advice for members of the bridal party, including the bridesmaids and mothers of both the bride and groom. For instance, the article “The 49 Mistakes Bridesmaids Always Make,” lays out common blunders that brides often have to deal with, ranging from a group of bridesmaids who complain about the dress, or seem more preoccupied with dating prospects at the wedding than supporting the bride.

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