5 Fall Fashion Trends To Wear In 2014

Autumn is barely here but the fashion world is already abuzz with new looks for the incoming season. Designers have done up their models in the new trends of fall 2014, and now we all have to follow suit. Thankfully, the new styles of the season aren’t incredibly off the wall, with many applicable even to the least fashionable.

To make life easy, rather than rifling through style sites and magazines, here’s a breakdown of 5 fall fashion trends that are simple enough for anyone to wear, but are still in line with the latest looks.

1. Knitwear

Photo credit – Style.com

Surprisingly functional for something straight out of Fall Fashion Week collections, the knitwear looks will keep you warm while still looking good. Plus now you can finally bust out the old knit garbs your grandmother made for you without any stress of looking shabby.

2. Rave Prints

Photo credit – JadePillar.com

Summer isn’t the only season where things can get a little crazy. Think of these as high-fashion graphic tees, with erratic designs gracing simple tops and dresses.

 3. Normcore

Photo credit – glambistro.com

Do more with less, at least that’s the idea behind Normcore, the latest new trend wear looking plain and simple is the main goal. Better yet, you can buy these types of clothes anywhere, at cheaper prices, and no one would really notice. Just make sure you choose colours in line with the season.

 4. The 60’s

Photo credit – Elle

Retro is always in, and this fall it looks like the mod style of the groovy 60s is back in gear. Think bright and big, yet still sleek, when going for a 60s look. Again, go for the real vintage and hit up a clothing shop with garbs actually from the era, or raid your parents’ closet.

 5. Tasteful Furs

tasteful furs
Photo credit – Style.com

It may not be incredibly cold yet but that doesn’t mean you can’t start wearing some comfy fur. Large coats with fur on lining the inside and outside feel wonderful and look great, also hearkening back to the sixties. Just make sure not too go too far with the fur (some designers didn’t) and keep it at one fur item per outfit.

What will you be wearing?

Photo credititspawsdown.tumblr.com

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