Relaxed Beach Hairstyles For The Ladies

Summer is about relaxing on the beach or by the pool, soakin’ up the rays and drifting away an inner-tube with not a care in the world — how our hair looks is a total after thought. Most of us don’t care how we look when we’ve been swimming and playing in the sand but there are a few easy ways that you can go beachy and still look cute — and it starts with your hair.

 #1 The Teased Side Bun 

This look is easy after a bit of sea salt stiffens your hair. Scrunch your hair gently and create a small loose side bun. Throw a few bobby pins in to help it stay put and a cute colourful flower for that extra boho flare.

#2 The Big Top Bun

Shake your hair to make it as big and full as possible. Volume volume volume! Throw it on the top of your head and hold together with a thick elastic.  Summer is your excuse to be wild, big and bold with your hair.

#3 High Ponytail Braid

This is a quintessential hair-out-of-your-face hot weather look. Bring your hair up into a high ponytail, tie tight. Then braid your long locks to the very end of your pony. Tie tight again. Or, tie a few elastics throughout the braid and tease the braid for an extra beachy look.

#4 Cute Lazy Beach Hair

This look is great because it’s easy and can still look great. With short or long hair, tie your hair half up quickly and with zero effort. You’ll be surprised with just how great you look using the laziest hairstyle ever!

#5 Bong Girl Sleek Hair

If you haven’t seen the James Bond film “Dr No” with Ursula Andress starring as Honey Rider, you really don’t know what a true beach babe is. Honey was sexy, beachy and didn’t try one bit. The majority of her on screen time she was sporting wet slicked back hair. If you spend your day swimming, happen to have a comb nearby and maybe even a bit of hair spray… her slicked back sexy hairdo is your next beach look.

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