Breaking Down The Basics Athleisure Attire

One of my favourite types of looks of the moment comes from the “athleisure” trend. Even if you’re not familiar with the word, you’ve likely seen it everywhere: people wearing leggings, hoodies, running shoes and other athletic apparel out and about, for non-athletic activities. No longer solely acceptable at the gym, more and more people are sporting athleisure in their day-to-day lives — whether it be running to the grocery store, going out to meet friends, or even at a casual Friday at work.

Many people, myself included, are fans of the comfort and ease that these looks provide, and like how they encourage one to incorporate fitness into their day-to-day life. However, others feel strongly that athletic wear belongs in the gym only, and doesn’t really count as a formal enough outfit for a day-to-day look.

What do you think about athleisure trend? Would you wear these looks in your day-to-day life? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments below.

City Trek Trouser

lulemon pants

Get it at Lululemon for $148 CAD

These might be the comfiest “work” pants you’ve ever seen. The front and back pockets (with a glittery lining!) resemble more traditional formal pants, but the smooth material and relaxed fit also makes them suitable for an after-work trip to the gym.

NIKE Pro Warm Emboss Heights Women’s Zip


Get it at Nike for $75 CAD

At first glance, this almost looks like your typical black turtleneck — but on closer examination, you’ll see that it has an intricate snakeskin print. A subtle zipper on the neck and thumbholes on the sleeves makes this adjustable piece great for layering, or to wear on its own for a long run on a cold day.

Women’s Rita Ora Honey 2.0 Low Shoes

rita ora

Get it at Adidas for $120 CAD

One of the most prominent looks from the athleisure movement is its huge range of unique, eye-catching shoes. From Rita Ora’s line with Adidas, these shoes are made with black embossed leather and rubber outsole — and probably don’t look like many you’ve seen before. You can even customize your own Rita Ora design at

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