Five Different Florals to Incorporate Into Your Springtime Look

In The Devil Wears Prada — a movie that every fashion lover likely knows by heart — Meryl Streep’s character famously berates a stylist’s unoriginality at an editorial meeting, commenting, “Flowers? For spring? How groundbreaking.” The humour in the insult lies in the notion that once spring arrives, florals become so commonplace in fashion, that they’re hardly worth including in a magazine spread.

Yet while florals certainly do become more frequent once springtime hits, that doesn’t mean they don’t make a valuable addition to your wardrobe. There’s a reason that florals reliably re-emerge each spring: most prints can be trusted to be classy and elegant, and give your look a fresher feel — especially after all the heavy monochromes and blacks more associated with winter months. In addition, more often than not, no two florals are exactly the same — contrary to what Miranda Priestly says, most flower designs are far from boring.

Come springtime, florals can be found in tops, dresses, rompers, you name it. Here are some of our top floral looks for the spring.

Babaton Everly Camisole


Get it at Aritzia for $65 CAD

With its loose, relaxed fit, this black-and-white classic top is sure to become a go-to once the warmer weather hits. While this top makes a great choice for a weekend spent hanging outside, it can also be easily dressed up and paired with a blazer or light sweater for the office.

Kimchi Blue La Playa Button-Down Maxi Dress


Get it at Urban Outfitters for $159 CAD

A maxi dress is a staple for spring and summer and is perfect to wear to anything ranging from a music festival, Sunday farmer’s market, or errands around town. With its romantic ruffles, intricate buttons, and pale pink flowers, this vibrant blue number is sure to make you turn a few heads in admiration.

Ecote Lula Off-The-Shoulder Romper


Get it at Urban Outfitters for $99 CAD

The design of floral prints often comes in two variations: either a few large, bold flowers that make a statement or a more densely-patterned design. If you’re more of a fan of the latter, this is the romper for you. Great for casual outings, the romper’s flowy sleeves and shorts equipped with deep pockets give it an effortlessly boho look.

Twill shorts


Get it at H&M for $14.99 CAD

It’s safe to say these aren’t your usual denim cut-offs. If you’re looking to stick out in the best way possible, these jungle-inspired floral shorts will do just the trick.

Chiffon skirt


Get it at H&M for $14.99 CAD

Light and breezy, this skirt makes a great pick for those looking to preserve comfort in their style this spring. Paired with a plain white or black tee, this is just one of those feel-good pieces that make an undoubtedly pretty addition to your wardrobe.

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