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Whether you’re just getting into make-up or are already a seasoned professional, every beauty lover will tell you that Allure is The Beauty Bible. Not sure how to properly apply an Adele cat-eye? Need to know if you can really pull off Care Delevigne-esque bold brows? Long before Youtube beauty tutorials, Allure was around to give you the scoop on hair, makeup, skincare and more. For years, this publication has been the trusted source for must-know tips and tricks and a breakdown of the latest beauty trends, with their annual Best of Beauty issue known for sharing the best products on the market. Plus, if you need an honest assessment of a new makeup brand you’re looking to try, Allure has got you covered — its makeup artists don’t hold back in their opinions of what actually works, and what you can do without.

None other than actress and Honest Company and Honest Beauty founder Jessica Alba graces the cover of Allure’s September issue, a much-coveted and respected spot in the beauty industry. Jessica joins the ranks of other gorgeous female celebrities, including Blake Lively and Kate Hudson, who have nabbed the cover spot in the past. The Allure cover story isn’t just a place to share beauty secrets: stars often open up about their own lives and personal philosophies regarding beauty.

In this month’s issue, Jessica spills on some beauty regrets from her past, including a surprising confession from someone so naturally beautiful: wearing too much makeup as a young girl. She also delves into what she would advise her younger self about a variety of topics, ranging from beauty to self-acceptance, bravery, and maybe a little caution before getting a new tattoo.

Jessica’s brand The Honest Company is currently valued at a staggering $1.7 billion dollars, which is even more unbelievable considering that Jessica came from a background in Hollywood. Starring in hit shows like Dark Angel and films like Sin City, she’d had no prior experience or education in business before launching her own company — a passion project that stemmed from her desire to find less toxic and gentler, safer ingredients in everyday products. If there’s anyone who can give you tips on how to become a successful female entrepreneur, and go on to manage and grow your own brand, it’s her.

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