How to Mix Prints Like a Pro

Mixing prints can be an intimidating endeavor. Doing so is bound to make a bold statement, you just want to make sure that it is bold-good, and not bold-bad. Mixing prints is definitely more of an art than a science, but these tips will point you in the right direction – towards a fun and eye-catching mixed print outfit.

Vary the scale of the prints you are mixing.

The best advice I can give when mixing prints is to make sure that you vary the scale of the prints you are wearing. If you choose to go with a thick horizontal stripe on top, think about using a small scale polka-dot or floral print on the bottom. Choosing prints with a similar scale often leads to clashing. This is because the prints look as though they are competing against each other instead of complimenting each other.

Try to make sure the prints you are mixing share a color story.

Another good rule of thumb is to make sure that the prints you mix share a color story. By choosing prints that have at least one color in common, you are creating a connection between the two pieces. If you’ve got a floral print that has a few colors in it, consider choosing a striped piece that uses one of the colors found in the floral print.

Use solid colors to balance out the prints in your outfit.

Incorporating solids into the outfit is a good way to add balance to your outfit. Solid color scarf, jacket, or bag gives the eye a little break from the rest of the fun that is going on with the rest of your outfit. A navy blue denim, or a classic brown or black leather are sure-fire ways to bring in some understated contrast to your mixed print look.

And my final piece of advice for mixing patterns is to not be afraid to bend and break the rules. That is what mixing prints is all about. Take a risk. Make a statement. Experiment and have fun.

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