The Most Popular Spring Fashion Trends According To Google

Google searches have a pretty direct impact on your life, especially whenever you’re searching something related to fashion. A standard google search for a fashion item or trend can open up so many realms of possibilities, to different brands, online stores, DIY guides, and what’s most popular. In essence, you are what you google, or at least, you wear what you google.

That’s pretty much the idea behind the recently published “Fashion Trends for Spring 2015 as Told by Google Data,” a compendium of fashion info for the upcoming season. Using recent and past “apparel-related queries” in conjunction with geographic location and “co-search behavior” (i.e. what fashion item someone googled, where they did it, and what else they added in the search) Google’s analysts were able to track the most popular trends for the upcoming spring 2015 season.

Of all the fashion items searched across the US, three stood out as the stars of spring 2015 fashion. Thankfully normcore is on the decline, so sub out your white tees and jeans for one of these three most-googled items of apparel.

Photo credit – Geneva Vanderzell

Tulle Skirts

Tutus are in this season in a big way. With the sharpest rise in search engine popularity, the tulle skirt will surely be seen on many streets throughout spring. The most popular colours are black and white, though tulle skirts come in every other shade should you want to switch it up, and don’t forget you can make one yourself.

Photo credit – 7twentfour

Emoji Joggers Pants

Jogger pants was a fashion item searched across all demographics (from men to children) and among the many styles of jogger pants people searched for, the Emoji jogger pants came out on top. Ridiculous? Yes, but only slightly less so than the #2 most-searched style: leather…because jogging in leather just makes sense.


Photo credit – Lucy Burrows

Midi Skirts

Big in the UK since ’13, the midi skirt has made its way across the pond and into North American popular fashion. A transplanted look from way back in the 60’s, the midi skirt comes in many patterns and colours, with black and leather being the most popular.

To read the full breakdown on fashion according to Google, head to the in-depth report here.

Featured image courtesy of: stockmanngroup

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