You Could Never Tell That This Is A 3-D Printed Dress

Photo cred – Nervous Systems

The era of the tailor and seamstress may be long over, at least in mass-produced apparel, though a new innovation in 3-D printing could make the sewing machine obsolete entirely. Design studio Nervous System has created a brand new software for 3-D printers, dubbed Kinematics, that can create a free-flowing and stylish dress created solely using computers, reports Wired.

Fusing origami with 3-D printing techniques, the Kinematics software outlines a series of interlocking triangles, which designers can map out using a JavaScript software. Once the basic form is complete, algorithms unite the triangles and condense the design into a smaller form, with the end-result being a white or black dress.

What makes the dress truly unique is, that through the unique computerized design process, the gown is as malleable and comfortable as one made of real fabric, and not plastic. This is in stark contrast to other 3-D printed apparel, which is usually stiff and uncomfortable.

Long hours of time and effort went into creating the Kinematics dress, with designer Jessica Rosenkrantz originally starting with jewelry and working her way up. The amount of hinges needed to interlock a larger item proved a real challenge; a belt comprised of 77 hinges was easily accomplished but when a dress with 700+ hinges was needed, the design software couldn’t handle the stress of information.

Nervous System’s persistence paid off however, as you can see, with the dress a true accomplishment in fashion innovation. Priced at $3, 000 each, the dress isn’t exactly ready for the commercial market, though the designers hope to cut production costs and start selling 3-D printed dresses to the average customer.

Check out Nervous System’s 3-D printed dress in the trailer below.

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