Refine Your Summer Style With Texture Online Magazine

Now that the warm weather is finally here, are you looking at your summer wardrobe and feeling like it’s so 2015? If you’re searching for summer style inspiration, you can buy a ton of magazines and sift through them all, dog-earring the pages that you want to go back to. Or you can keep all of your summer style inspiration organized on your mobile device with Texture, the online magazine service.

Texture provides access to more than 150 magazines on one easy-to-use app. Just download Texture to your mobile phone or tablet and you’re read to go; plus, Texture allows you to download the app onto as many as 5 mobile devices.

Gone are the days when you would have to own a magazine rack to keep all of your titles organized. Texture has a “best of” library feature that allows you to bookmark your favourite articles and create personal collections, so you can keep your favourite summer-time outfits organized online for easy access.

You can also read your magazines wherever you are at any time. Just download the issue you want to catch up on when you’re connected to WiFi and have it on your mobile device to read on transit, on your lunch break or before you go to bed.

The best part? Texture provides users with access to new magazine issues before they hit newsstands, giving you a head start on all the latest summer styles and trends. Users also get access to all magazine back issues, so you never miss a topic.

From Style Watch to In Style to Vogue, Texture has all the biggest fashion & style magazines to keep you on top of your summer style game. Visit the Texture website to learn more or give Texture’s free 30-day trial a try to see if it’s right for you.

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