The Latest In Bridal Fashion: The Transparent Wedding Gown

What a woman is going to wear on her wedding day is an integral aspect to any wedding. As stereotypical as it sounds, the truth is, if a woman is getting married with a full-blown ceremony and reception, there’s a very high chance that she is putting a lot of thought, time, and money into the gown she’ll be wearing. While there are oh-so-many types of wedding gowns, some fairly predominant features are seen across bridal gown styles. These features create a basic mental image that a woman will wear a long, flowing, Cinderella-esque dress that compliments her figure but isn’t all that revealing. Given the wedding gown styles revealed at this year’s Bridal Fashion Week in New York, the times have certainly changed.

A vast array of different types and styles of gowns were featured during Bridal Fashion Week, but one designer in particular has gained some notoriety for going against the norm. Trimming down the amount of fabric rather than adding on more lace, Vera Wang’s Spring 2016 bridal gowns have caused quite a buzz, as the designer’s selections are all but entirely translucent.

Aesthetically pleasing in every sense, many of Wang’s dresses feature see-through lace flowing down from the neck to the toes, creating a light-as-air-look that is both chic and graceful. But unlike most other wedding gowns, the lingerie of the bride is just as predominant as the dress, as the translucent material makes undergarment’s quite visible.

And that’s what has caught people’s attention with Wang’s lace bodice gowns. The traditionally sex-centric realm of lingerie has been fused with the wedding gown, a garment that is ordinarily linked to concepts of purity. Wang is at the forefront of what may be a new movement in bridal fashion, what Megan Garber of the Atlantic calls “the sexification of the wedding dress.”

But it isn’t Wang’s intention to merely throw some sex appeal into a typically reserved style of fashion for a bit of shock value. Rather, the designer believes she is diversifying wedding gowns, offering brides a new option that may reflect themselves better. Not every woman may feel properly represented in a standard wedding dress, and Wang aims for her dresses to encourage “women to express themselves,” as she told Yahoo! Style.

Many may automatically vilify Wang’s endeavours and criticize her dresses, seeing them as an affront to the traditions of the wedding ceremony. Aside from the fact that the standard wedding gown format is much more of a modern creation than one would believe (white only came into mode in the 19th century after Queen Victoria’s wedding), one can’t ignore the elegance in Wang’s designs. These aren’t gaudy dresses made to shock, they’re quite beautiful despite being mildly revealing. See for yourself by heading to Vera Wang’s website here.

Featured image courtesy of: Wedding Bells

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