Turn To Cosmopolitan For Coverage On Health, Politics, And Much More

For a long time, Cosmopolitan has been largely known as a sex magazine — one that you read for fun with your girlfriends, but wouldn’t think to turn to for coverage on serious issues. But, perhaps unbeknownst to you, over recent years Cosmopolitan has been evolving its brand into something that represents so much more than just playful articles about sex tips. Capitalizing on its largely female readership, the magazine still offers amusing content on love and sex, but has also turned its attention to reporting on women’s health issues at a highly important time in the United States’ political climate. The magazine continues to subvert people’s preconceived notions of it being a lighthearted, fluffy women’s magazine: reporters conduct in-depth investigations of issues critical to women, including reproductive rights and cases of sexual assault on university campuses. For instance, Cosmopolitan recently interviewed Ivanka Trump about her presidential-candidate father’s maternity leave plan, and left no stone unturned — Ivanka’s responses to the reporter’s “negative” questions elicited much media attention.

If you go to the magazine’s website, you’ll encounter several other sections that cover issues important to readers that fall outside the realm of sex tips. In addition to celebrities and entertainment, beauty and and style, and sex and relationships, you’ll also find politics, parenting, college, and career topics being covered in this diverse magazine.

This month’s issue features Kourtney Kardashian, who dishes on life with three kids, her health and fitness habits, and one of the more controversial topics of our time — nude selfies. Unlike her sister, Kim, Kourtney considers herself to be one of the more conservative members of the Kardashian family, and perhaps even a little more private and wary of the spotlight than you might think. She also explains why, as such a public figure, she thinks it’s so important to send a body-positive message to young women and her four-year old daughter, Penelope.

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