Warm Up with a Blanket Coat

If you’re looking for ways to keep warm this fall, add a stylish blanket coat to your jacket rotation.

The style is to look as though you fashionably rolled off the couch and took the comforts of home with you as you headed out the door. Some blanket coats are designed to  look like you literally rolled yourself in a blanket, while some designers and retailers have created a more traditional coat that you can wrap around yourself. Alternatively called a wrap coat, these jackets sometimes feature a belt as the only closure, emulating the style of a housecoat.

The blanket coat is a perfect in-between seasons jacket because you can bundle up when the temperature dips low or open it up on slightly warmer days. It makes it easy to transition your outfit indoors without having to remove a lot of layers.

If you want to shop for a blanket or wrap coat, look for coats that feature draping lapels, a belt as a closure (if they have one at all), wide sleeves, and a broad hood.

Here are some of the best blanket coats to get you started:

Nasty Gal Blanket Coat

Image source: www.nastygal.com

Nasty Gal Good Girl Gone Plaid Jacket – $64.36

Top Shop Blanket Coat

Image source: www.topshop.com

Topshop Pattern Blanket Coat – $134.92

Urban Outfitters Blanket Coat

Image source: www.urbanoutfitters.com

Urban Outfitters Ecote Asymmetrical Blanket Coat – $229

Zara Blanket Coat

Image source: www.zara.com

Zara Long Coat – $279.00

Burberry Blanket Coat

Image source: www.burberry.com

Burberry Geometric Knit Blanket Coat – $5,500.00

Featured image source: www.urbanoutfitters.com

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