Welcome Wide-Leg Pants Into Your Summer Wardrobe

Love it or hate it, the one trend we’ve been seeing more and more of this season is wide-leg pants. Flare and wide-leg pants can get a bad rep, though — they’ve been (unfairly) accused as being reminiscent of mom jeans, or as less flattering than the more commonly seen skinny jeans.

But for those that are sick and tired of forcing themselves into tight, unforgiving skinny jeans, these pants present a welcome alternative that is both comfortable and stylish. With their undeniable 70s vibes, wide-leg pants will especially please those who are hoping to make their everyday look a little more bohemian and free-spirited. These can also be paired with drop earrings and heels to take your hippie, relaxed look into the night.

Here are our picks for some of this season’s best wide-leg pants. Would you be willing to try out this trend, or would you rather stick to your skinny jeans? Sound off in the comments below!

Denim Culottes High Waist

Denim Culottes High Waist Pants

Get them at H & M for $29.99 CAD

These pants combine the wide-leg trend with another one that’s undeniably flattering: the high-waist. The pants also offer the best of both worlds, as the high waist will accentuate the smallest part of your stomach, while the wide-leg will give your calves space to breathe. What more could a girl want?


Native Youth Boat House Trouser

Native Youth Boat House Trouser Pants For Summer

Get them at Urban Outfitters for $99 CAD

If you’re looking to make your pants the focal point of your outfit, these ones will do the trick. With their pretty bow and loose material, these pants make the perfect stylish turn for a hot summer day.

Ecote Fly-Away Printed Flare Pant

Ecote Fly-Away Printed Flare Wid-Leg Pants

Get them at Urban Outfitters for $82 CAD

Now here’s a fun pair of pants you don’t see everyday! The front leg slits are also a surefire way to beat the heat, and will make these an undoubtedly fun pair of pants to take a stroll in. A solid-coloured, simple crop top would look great with these pants, given their bold pattern and high waist.

ASOS Kick Flare Trousers in Twill

ASOS Kick Flare Trousers in Twill

Get them at ASOS for $51.44 CAD

If you want to try out the wide-leg trend but aren’t ready to go all-in just yet, these pants are an ideal option for you. Their simple design allows them to be paired with pretty much anything, and lets you ease into the flare trend without feeling as though you’re making too bold a statement.

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